Buying your new car

There are essentially five simple steps:

1. Research

Even though our team do all the negotiating, nothing can happen until you’re clear about the vehicle that best suits your needs and budget. Even if you already have a favourite make or model, be sure to see what else is available in the same price range or category. Don’t be afraid to collate information from manufacturer and dealer websites. Compile a list of questions and seek answers. You may well do better in terms of value, safety and comfort. Make several comparisons before you narrow down your choice.

2. Test drive

The test drive is a pivotal step in the process in buying a new car and should definitely be longer than just a quick cruise around the block. Navigate steep hills, check for seating comfort, noise levels, acceleration, braking, cornering, turning circle and ease of parking including a reverse park.

If you’re unsure how to organise a test drive, our team will arrange the drive without any hassle.

3. Contact Aussie Fleet

Once you’re confident with your model choice, simply contact us to register your interest in our car buying service. Alternatively call one of our friendly consultants on 1300 554 553 for immediate assistance.

4. Relax and start planning your next road trip

Relax while we tender your choice to our preferred dealer network.

5. Committing the dealer

Once the tender with the lowest offer has responded, we will co-ordinate all aspects of the purchase as part of our car buying service. This includes:

Aussie Fleet makes buying a new car easy. Call us on 1300 554 553 or complete our quick enquiry form today to find out more.