Frequently asked questions

Will I really save enough to make appointing you worthwhile?

Yes — we have the industry connections and purchasing power to obtain significant new car discounts and savings for you. That means we pay less than individuals and companies will — even if they negotiate hard and really shop around. Car dealers treat us with respect and know that giving major discounts and genuine fleet prices for new cars will see them kept on our books for future tenders. It makes good business sense for them to give us the best fleet deals on your behalf. And the savings go straight to you.

How is my new car payment made?

You pay the selected new car dealer direct — usually by bank cheque, direct deposit from your bank or finance provider. You may also prefer to make your new car purchase part of your salary package or structure. And if you require new car finance, we can help arrange that for you, according to your specific requirements. Simply click here for details.

Do I get all the usual new car warranties and support?

Of course — even though, as your New Car Consultant, we do all the hunting and negotiating for you, your new car will be sourced from an authorised dealer who will offer all the warranties and support the law requires. This also includes any special offers like extended new car warranty cover and other promotions that may be in place when you buy. You may also wish to arrange for an extended new car warranty for added peace of mind, especially if you intend to keep it for more than say 100.000km or three years.

Do you source both private and company cars?

Yes we cater to both. In the case of company cars, we not only get the best new car deal for you, our finance people can also help you with appropriate leasing options for salary packages and other types of loans.

What if I have a trade-in vehicle?

Just as we hunt around to get the best new car deal for you, we apply these same skills to getting you the best price for your present car. Various makes of models of older cars are more in demand by some dealers than others, owing to their customers' preferences — and we know exactly who will offer you the best deal.

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