How it works

Vehicle purchase with AussieFleet

As a car buying service, Aussie Fleet breaks the traditional model of making a vehicle purchase, and in doing so we make the process simple and stress-free for our clients. Our customer service team are committed to listening to your requirements and focus on delivering your next vehicle purchase at a great price. Many of our customers have become valued clients through our lifetime membership offer. Alternatively you may prefer our one-off low service fee. Either way, once given the go-ahead we’ll have your new car to you in no time.

How do we do it?

The key question our team are regularly asked is, “How do we negotiate such great deals on cars?”

The easy answer is that we essentially put your request out to tender. At Aussie Fleet we have an extensive data-base of genuine car dealers all biting at the bit for business. Depending on which make and model you’d like, we contact the appropriate dealers, who respond immediately with their very best price and delivery date. Our tenders are actioned immediately and not dropped in a salespersons in-tray like some routine quote requests.

This tender process is far more effective than simply sourcing one or two quotes. It’s actually a win-win-win situation. As the customer, you win because you receive a great price. We win because we’re happy to obtain that great price for you and the dealer wins because when they quote on a tender, they’re quoting on an actual sale and not simply a random request that may not progress any further. Knowing that a sale is imminent is added incentive for the dealer to under-cut their competitors when responding to the tender for a vehicle purchase.

As a centralised car broker all our valued customers further benefit from combined group buying power. The higher the volume of car models required, the lower the cost per car. At Aussie Fleet we put to tender large quantities of vehicles so that our dealers respond with extreme generosity.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Once our team are satisfied that we’ve secured the lowest possible market price, we’ll inform you of the result. This is the phone call our team love, because the elated response from our appreciative customer is always treasured.

Once you’re satisfied with all the details, we’ll order the vehicle on your behalf, which will be delivered to your home or office at a time that suits you (seven days a week) with a full tank of petrol.

Our service is simply the easiest way to buy your new car or commercial vehicle.

For more information on our best price guarantee or to request a quote, call us direct on 1300 360 903 or Contact us via our enquiry form.