Why choose us

At Aussie Fleet, we understand that we operate within a competitive environment. However we’re confident you’ll appreciate the Aussie Fleet difference - a friendly team who pride themselves on delivering great customer service, always striving to secure a genuine discount new car without any hassle to our clients.

Save your time and effort

Let’s face it, hopping from one car dealer to another in order to compare prices is time consuming and stressful, usually carried out on a precious weekend when there are a thousand other more pleasurable pursuits to enjoy. As an individual buyer it can also be difficult to convince a dealer to offer their best price; generally they’re reluctant to do so unless they see you as a serious buyer and even then they’ll hold as much back as possible for themselves.
By engaging the services of Aussie Fleet all the hassle is eliminated and the best price is guaranteed.

Through the tender process we liaise directly with the decision-makers of reputable and experience dealers, who take our negotiations seriously. They don’t want to risk losing their preferred dealer status, which may directly affect future sales. Our national purchase patterns also gives Aussie Fleet leverage to persuade dealerships to offer generous factory accessories and add-ons, as well as great discount new cars.

We keep you informed

Our friendly team waste absolutely no time in letting our clients know the result of the tender; the price is too good to keep a secret. We have a strict update policy, ensuring the moment we have the results of the tender, is the moment we call our client. In most cases, we’ll have a discount new car price for you within the same working day. In this way, you’re kept in total control of the whole process.

Disposing of your old vehicle

At Aussie Fleet, we want to make the process of enjoying your new car as smooth as possible. That’s why we also assist in the disposal of your existing vehicle. There are several options open to you.

We can arrange for the old car to be traded-in as part of the deal we arrange for you on your discount new car. Alternatively we can offer advice on the best ways to sell it privately or arrange for its sale to a wholesale dealer. Feel free to have a chat with our team regarding these options. They will be only too happy to explain the pros and cons of each.

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